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This Film Library of classic films and TV Shows has been acquired over 35 years. The films are available for broadcast by TV stations, for Internet streaming, for showing in movie theaters and for duplication on DVD -- by reason of being in the Public Domain. Read more about the concept and uses of Public Domain Films.

Quality ranges from very good to excellent/broadcast quality. We constantly update quality with new film to video transfers. Any films that do not live up to our usually high standards will be replaced at no charge.

The posters on this page illustrate how features and shorts may be creatively combined for TV or movie theaters.

Please direct inquiries and orders to whoever invited you to browse this website and the films in the collection.

Feature Films arranged by genre.

Special Subjects

Classic Television Series in the public domain.

TV shows are listed by episode titles and grouped in the volumes for sale on DVD-R.
Mpeg2 TV shows can be selected individually by episode title.

Common Formats

All films are in standard definition. All films are available in DVD-R and MPEG2 Video Files. The quality of the MPEGs is almost identical to the DVDs of the same title. MPEG2s may be easily converted to Mpeg4 or other digital formats for streaming or television. Small Mpeg orders are delivered on USB sticks; large orders will be supplied on external hard drives.

Quality Guarantee!

Whenever possible the videos have been transferred from 35mm film for maximum quality. Some serials and TV shows were transferred from 16mm originals. These are often the same masters broadcast by TCM and other cable channels who show older classics, and in some cases our masters are better quality.

Quality is guaranteed. Any film found to be inferior may be exchanged for another title. Some films because of their age or rarity are simply not available in perfect condition. Whenever better material turns up, we upgrade our masters. All films are clean with no company logos or watermarks over the picture.

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